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A Versatile, High-End Studio Space for Video Productions & Photography

Over the years, we’ve invested greatly in making our Herndon, VA studio a top-notch production space for video producers and still photographers who want to deliver excellence to their clients.

When you choose to rent with us, our experienced video production team will assist in building a variety of professional, industrial, news, and residential sets, while providing the gear and guidance needed to create a stellar work of art. In addition to set production, we also offer a variety of props such as cubicles, desks, home furnishings and anything that might help bring your production to life. 

Of course, we offer a full range of 4K+ digital cinema production equipment, monitoring, sound, lighting, grip and electric, and professional crews, as well as cyc wall customizations and a green screen for special effects work.

What's Included


Every job is unique. We typically work with photographers and producers on a ‘per job’ basis; these studio rates are provided to give you a starting point for your production planning.

Single Day

10 hours
$ 1200
  • White Cyc Stage
  • Crew + Equipment Available Upon Request


per week
$ 5400
  • White Cyc Stage
  • Crew + Equipment Available Upon Request

Please note these rates do not include stage construction.

Our In-Studio Video Examples

Play Video about Infinity Cyc Wall for Video Production and Still Photography

Cyclorama (CYC) wall

We have a full sized CYC wall that is ready for your production needs. Check out this video to see the CYC wall in action!

Play Video

Green-Screen Productions

Check out our in studio green screen production. We have green screens on site ready to take on your digital environment needs.

Play Video about set-design-example

In studio set design

Check out this video example of a full apartment set built in our studio.

Play Video

Training Videos

Our studio is a perfect spot to rent for training videos.

Play Video

Special Effects

Our studio has the ability to support you with our special effects team. Contact us today!

Play Video about Public service announcement

Public Service Announcement

Check out this public service announcement shot in our studio.

Creative Studio Rentals


Let’s work together to tell your story. Rock Creek Productions isn’t just a studio. We’re a full service production company offering everything from creative design and scriptwriting, to casting and wardrobe, to set design and construction, furnishing and propping, to post production and distribution.

Custom Set Design

You imagine it, we’ll build it, furnish it, and prop it. From concept to completion, we’ll work with you to design and build a set that matches your vision and budget.

Pre-existing and flexible sets and looks are available – for offices and residences, news, and special effects.

Custom Set Designs for Studio Rentals
In-Studio Green Screen for Production Rentals

Green Screen

With a 25’x30′ spread, our green screen backdrop is large enough to capture full bodies and dramatic scenes and our experience with lighting ensures clean keys and excellent results. We can paint our hard CYC, too, if that’s required.

Infinity CYC

Our hard CYC is 23 ft. wide, paintable, and plenty high to cleanly capture shadowless full bodies for video or still productions. It’s typically flat white, but we can paint our hard cyc, too, if that is needed, for an additional fee.

Infinity Cyc Wall for Video Production and Still Photography
Digital Cinema Production Equipment for Rent

Digital Cinema Production

Our large-format, 4K+ resolution digital cinema cameras, mirrorless, and full-frame DSLRs, and our full set of precise Zeiss Compact Prime and Canon and Nikon and Sony variable zoom lenses captures beautiful imagery, especially when supported by our Steadicam, Ronin, Movi, Dana Dolly, or Jib. Full monitoring, sound recording, lighting, grip and electric capabilities are part of the package.

Post Production

We offer a full suite of pre and post production software and tools for you to perfect your video production on-site. We also offer post-production services where a Rock Creek Production’s professional editor will finalize and package your product for market distribution.

Post Production Tools and Professionals for Hire

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Covid-19 Safe Level A Certification We adhere to Covid-safe practices. All employee and freelance cast and crew have passed, or are required to pass prior to entry, the Safe Sets International Level A certification course.