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Video Production Services in DC

Production requires collaboration on-location or in the studio, and we intentionally create an energetic and cooperative atmosphere by bringing the right technical team together, applying the most appropriate tools, and helping professional or non-professional talent feel comfortable and expressive in front of the camera. This approach is crucial to capturing success.

Visual storytelling requires the right tools and the ability to skillfully use them. Whether an actor, a camera, a lighting approach, music, sound effects, or special effects, we strive to match the precise tool to the distinct approach. Rock Creek shoots on high-definition 4K Sony CineAlta and BlackMagic Mini Ursa Pro cameras with a variety of Zeiss digital cinema prime and Canon Cine variable zoom lenses. These cameras create stunning imagery with extremely wide latitude, shallow depth of field, and precise color rendition. Our cameras are supported by a full complement of mobile camera platforms including a Steadicam and a handheld Movi gimbal system, a 4K resolution aerial drone, a compact slider dolly, a jib, and vehicle mounts. We also provide a full range of video monitoring, audio recording, lighting, grip and electric capabilities.


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Our Herndon, VA production facility covers 5,500 sq ft of flexible studio space including a large 1650 sq ft main stage with several adjoining areas that extend its reach, a 24’ wide infinity cyc, green-screen capabilities, make-up and green rooms, a set and prop workshop, kitchen, and plenty of client workspaces. Learn more at studios.rock-creek.com.


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We have considerable experience working with and directing both talent and “real” people to elicit realistic and natural portrayals on camera or behind the microphone. Clients are invited to be as involved in auditioning and casting of talent as they wish. In all final decisions we try to be cognizant of client requirements regarding ethnic, age, and gender diversity.


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Traveling nationally for production is common for us, as is acquiring supporting local talent, crew and equipment as needed. In addition to having shot video all across the United States, we’ve also traveled for production purposes to Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, so we’re well versed in long distance logistical planning.

Still Photography

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In addition to producing video, we’re often asked to shoot still photographs, too. We’re a Nikon shop with a variety of DSLRs supported by zoom, prime, and specialty lenses and strobes.

Production Coordination, Rentals, Crew

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In addition to offering complete production of films and videos for marketing, commercials, social media, web, training videos and basically any other purpose you can imagine, we offer a variety of production services to other production companies.

Whether for our own projects or yours, we have the experience and contacts to make productions go smoothly. If you have a shoot in Washington DC, Asheville, NC, or anywhere in the mid-atlantic or southeast, let us handle the details.