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Post Production Services In Washington DC

Post Production Services DC

We employ high-end solutions to posting all programs. Our in-house capabilities include powerful MacPro-based Avid Media Composer/ Symphony and Adobe Premiere editing systems supported by Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite. We apply DaVinci color correction on calibrated monitors, audio sweetening, and full captioning capabilities.

2D/3D Motion Graphics

Will Hill Monitor

We’ll create elements that are applied both to enhance the look and feel of the program, as well as to describe and simplify technical or otherwise complicated subjects.

Music And Sound Effects

Wes Camera Ocean

During sound design, the music and the sound effects are layered and mixed to create a rich auditory environment.


Steve Crowd management SBA

Once the Final Program Master has been approved, Rock Creek creates closed- and open-captions files and/or subtitles for all delivery formats. These captions describe all audio within the program including narration, dialogue, significant sound effects, and music. Visual Description audio files are also created for the vision impaired, if required.


H2H Cast and Crew

Final compressions for broadcast, and online digital formats are created upon approval of the Final Program Master. In addition to a high-definition, uncompressed Quicktime file, web-ready Movies, Windows Media, Flash, and MPEG formats are typically created, in addition to Vimeo and YouTube formats.


Rock Creek Productions offers post=production services throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area. We also have a video production office in Asheville, NC.

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Covid-19 Safe Level A Certification We adhere to Covid-safe practices. All employee and freelance cast and crew have passed, or are required to pass prior to entry, the Safe Sets International Level A certification course.