Another Fine Rock Creek Production

In a single day, Rock Creek created three completely different looks in our versatile production studio.

In this shot, we created a living room space complete with a hallway, a kitchen, and a front door.

Rock Creek Productions

In this shot we created a smaller space, a nightcrawler’s room in his apartment. Is he really plotting something dastardly or is he just kind of anti-social?

In the last scene of the day, we created an executive conference room in a skyscraper. By adding a 14′ x 8′ photograph outside the ‘window,’ all of a sudden we’re 20 floors up.

The crew for this work included Steve Agnew, Tim Phillips, and Jake Mosholder of Rock Creek and freelancers Donny Aros, Aaron Johnson, Jonathan Cohen, Wes Hunt, and Michele Mundel.

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