5 Things to Keep in Mind When Vetting Third-Party Creative Providers

The price of entering the video production market is very low. Anyone with a smartphone can set up shop and call themselves a video producer, but their productions might not deliver a message as effectively as a video created by an experienced production specialist.

Creating compelling, engaging, memorable videos requires more than simply possessing the technical ability to make a video. Experienced video producers don’t just point and shoot. They carefully work through every step of the production process, from scripting to postproduction, to ensure they’ve created the best final product possible.

Vetting third-party creative providers is essential for businesses and organizations that want to get the most out of their investment, but many people aren’t sure where to start. This guide explains what business owners need to keep in mind as they select a video production company. It covers the questions they should ask while vetting third-party creative providers and offers tips on spotting the pros.

Questions to Consider When Vetting Third-Party Creative Providers

Video production is an industry in which customers can look at samples of the product before choosing. Consumers should watch the company’s previous videos and consider the following issues:

The Quality of the Production

Consider the overall presentation of the videos. They eliminate technical flaws, plus provide good sound and image quality. The quality of the videos will tell you a lot about the production company’s skills and the level of equipment they have at their disposal.

Try to Understand the Goals of the Video

Compelling videos have a clear purpose, and while watching videos from third-party creative providers, consumers should try to identify why they were made. Were they designed to build interest in a product, inform the viewer about something, or accomplish another objective? A professionally produced video should leave no doubt about what it hopes to accomplish.

Assess Whether the Video Meets Its Goals

See if you can tell whether the videos fulfill their purpose. Imagine that a video is designed to attract donors to a nonprofit’s charity mission, but it fails to tell a compelling story about why the viewer should donate.

Consider the Creativity Employed

Videos are visual art pieces, and they need to look unique and creative. Do the producer’s videos contain interesting colors or images? Do they take a new angle on an old subject? Look for something that pops.

The Videos Should Be Engaging

Quality videos are engaging. They draw in viewers and keep them captivated. Viewers will scroll past subpar videos, or pay less attention to important information provided in items like corporate training videos.

Keep in mind that each video is unique, and success in one genre doesn’t mean the producer can replicate that in another area. A production company that makes great horror films or wedding videos, for example, is not necessarily well-poised to create training or promotional videos.

Customers need to ensure that they like the videos created by the production company, but they also need to ensure that the production company has experience with the types of videos they need.

Spotting the Difference Between Professional and Low-Budget Creative Agencies

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Watching third-party providers’ sample videos or reels is just the first step. Customers should also research the companies behind the videos before hiring one. Analyzing the following elements can help users spot the difference between professionals and amateurs or scammers.

1. History

Does the video production company have a solid track record of creating appealing videos? Does it have experience producing the type of videos the organization wants?

2. Staffing and Technology

Does the production company have an in-house staff, or do they farm out key roles to freelancers? Do they have the tools and technology to get the job done right? Do they know how to use their technology effectively? The production company’s videos offer some insight into these questions, but consumers should dig deeper and ask prospective video companies about their processes, staffing, and technology.

High-quality video production companies aren’t running their shops with an iPhone and a laptop. They have access to extensive technology, experienced in-house staff members, and a reliable network of freelancers who can provide specialized services.

3. Budget Considerations

Choosing the cheapest option can be tempting, but it generally leads to an ineffective video that can hurt the organization’s brand. Customers need to ensure they’re comparing an apples-to-apples budget by carefully looking at each company’s offerings and assessing the quality of its videos.

They should also talk with video production companies about their needs and whether those needs can be incorporated into their videos. Adding an effect that costs millions is not possible when making a video with a budget of a few thousand, but a skilled video production company may be able to approximate the effect.

4. Ability to Plan and Execute

Does the video production company have a proven track record in terms of planning and executing its work? Does it include its customers in the decision-making process?

People who hire third-party creative providers are the experts in their domains. They shouldn’t be forced to hand the reins completely over to the producer. They should be included in a collaborative creative process to ensure they get the outcome they truly want.

5. Responsiveness

Professionals are responsive. They answer questions openly, act professionally, and are willing to be transparent about their processes. Production companies who let communication fall through the cracks at the beginning of the process are not likely to change during the project. They will continue to be unresponsive.

Vetting third-party creative providers can be a time-consuming process, but it’s necessary for organizations that want to avoid wasting time with subpar producers and prioritize creating the best videos possible. Customers should read reviews, look at production company websites, and talk with producers directly during the vetting process.

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