The Video Advantage: Securing Tech Contracts from the Government

As rewarding as they can be, government contracts are challenging. There are regulations to get on top of, hungry competitors to stand out among, and it doesn’t help that the approving officials are a tough crowd. If you want to get a government contract as a tech company, you’ll need to be firing on all cylinders – and one of them needs to be video marketing. In this article, we’ll show you how video can fit broadly into your marketing efforts to increase your chances of getting the contracts you want.

Why Video?

When you’re going after government contracts, your pitching, marketing, and campaigning need to reflect that you’re results-driven, reliable, and memorably different from the rest of the crowd. You also have to demonstrate your ability to solve problems and support government operations efficiently. 

This is where the storytelling prowess of video comes in. If you’re a tech company, especially in the B2B space (likely if you’re selling to the government), it’s perfect for communicating complicated technical information in a clear and straightforward way. Remember, the people who make the decisions are human, too. 

Here are a few statistics to illustrate why video is such a powerful marketing asset. 

For more insight, check out this blog we wrote about 2023’s top video marketing trends.

How Video Can Help You Secure Government Contracts

Thanks to its many persuasive and emotional powers, video can help your efforts to secure government contracts in many ways. 

  • Influencing decision-makers: Video can effectively showcase your products and services, influencing the choices of government contract decision-makers.
  • Demonstrating expertise: Videos can prove your technical expertise, establishing your company as a reliable partner.
  • Trust and credibility: Using testimonials, case studies, and third-party endorsements in your videos can build trust and credibility with potential government clients.
  • Product visualization: Product demonstrations and tutorials can help potential government clients understand your product and visualize how it would fit into their operations.

How to Build an Audience-Focused Video Marketing Strategy

Any good marketing strategy should target a single Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). If you want to make an impression, you must understand that ICP. You need to understand the decision-makers at the government entities you’re selling to, what they need, their frustrations, and how your product fits into their life. Here is a quick overview of how to build an audience-focused video marketing strategy.

1. Identify your audience: Knowing who your audience is and what they need is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Understand their challenges, goals, and the language they use.

2. Get clear on your goals: Do you want to increase brand awareness, explain a product, or drive conversions? Your goals will inform the type of video you’ll create.

3. Develop your message: What do you want your audience to take away from your video? Make sure your message aligns with your audience’s needs and your goals.

4. Choose the right type of video (more on that later):  

Different types of videos serve different purposes. Choose one that best communicates your message.

5. Collaborate with a trusted video production company: Hiring professional video production services from Rock Creek Productions can help you produce high-quality videos that provide the technical expertise and creative insights to bring your vision to life.

We’ve discussed how tech companies can use video in their overall marketing strategy here.

Choosing the Right Video for Getting Government Contracts

When the committees in charge go through the countless applications that come to them, they seek specific information and standout details to help them make decisions. The following types of videos swoop in and proactively answer all their questions about your company.

1. Case Study Videos  

Case studies demonstrate the real-world value of your product or service. These videos should be specific, detailing how your tech solutions have helped other government agencies or similar entities to solve a problem or achieve a goal. 

We did this for Ekso Bionics (under the Department of Defense). It showed how their exoskeleton technology helped stroke survivors and those with spinal cord injuries regain their ability to walk.

2. Product Demonstration Videos  

These videos demonstrate how your product or service works, showing its practical utility and ease of use. Demonstrate the user-friendliness of the solution as you explore its advanced features.

3. Personalized Proposal Videos 

This type of video presents a personalized solution for the specific needs of the government agency. It shows that you understand their requirements and have a tailored solution ready.

4. Customer Testimonial Videos  

Having previous or current clients vouch for your company’s products, services, and working relationships greatly impacts decision-making. That’s the power of social proof.

Here’s a testimonial video we made for AB Tech Community College.

AB Tech Community College | Registration Video

To learn more about making testimonial videos, read our article here.

5. Company Culture Videos  

These provide insight into your company values, mission, and culture, highlighting why you are not just a vendor but a reliable partner.

6. FAQ Videos  

Addressing common questions or concerns about your product or service can help assuage any last-minute doubts a decision-maker might have.

7. Virtual Tours  

Especially relevant for tech companies providing physical products or infrastructure, virtual tours can give a detailed view of production facilities, R&D centers, or operational centers. These can illustrate the scale, capabilities, and quality control measures your company maintains.

We did this for Continental Corporation. Check out their video below:

Continental Corporation Plant Tour | Fletcher NC

8. Third-party Endorsement Videos 

Videos featuring endorsements from industry experts, influencers, or respected figures in the field can enhance your credibility and appeal.

Remember, these videos should not be overly sales-y. That can be off-putting. Instead, they should focus on showing how your company’s offerings align with the needs and goals of government agencies. 

Win Your Next Contract With Rock Creek Productions’ Professional Video Services

At Rock Creek Productions, we understand the unique challenges that come with competing for government contracts, and we know how to tell a compelling story that resonates with decision-makers.

While we’re based near Washington DC, we’ve worked extensively with clients all over the world.

If you need video production services in Washington DC, or beyond, we have the skills, experience, and dedication to bring your vision to life. We take care of everything from pre-production to the post-production process.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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