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Maintaining Messaging Amid Social Distancing

Rohit Bhargava presenting Mega Trends content for Forbes online magazine.

You enter our large studio. No handshakes, fist bumps, or elbow nudges required. The place seems empty but it is, in fact, a fully functioning production studio. Everything is ready to go. If you want, you can hang your wardrobe in our make-up/dressing room. In isolation, check your hair or make-up. You’re an adult, go ahead, help yourself to coffee, water, or a snack. In the studio, you stand on your mark and address the camera. With the use of a boom mic, we don’t even need to place a microphone on you, and with our long lenses, we don’t need to come within 12 feet of your person. You may speak from the heart or read precise messaging off of our teleprompter. Finished, you leave. Limited social contact with our crew of one, two, or maybe three individuals. Social distancing maintained throughout, yet you walk away with a professional digital product.

For Rohit Bhargava, author of a decade of the Non-Obvious Trends books, we did just that.  We shot a 20-minute presentation destined for Forbes Magazine and seven individual book trailers for his Non-Obvious Guides series. Over the course of about three hours in studio, we gave Rohit several different looks and quickly turned around his products.

One of the looks showcasing a daylight option in our Herndon, VA production studio.
Another look we created for Rohit using existing set pieces and props.
And yet another look using our flexible and extensive space.

Let us help maintain your messaging during this crazy, unusual time. Self-isolate in our studio in front of the camera. Or, actually self-isolate and let us help you present your messaging through motion graphic animations, still photos, stock footage, and text. Our editors have all moved their editing systems into home offices, so work can continue.  Just because the world is shutting down doesn’t mean your messaging needs to stop.  We’re here to help.  

Photography Studio – Open for Business

Portrait and fashion photographer, Ellen Huber (@ellenhuberphoto), has been booking time in Rock Creek’s Herndon, VA video and photography studio, taking advantage of our full body cyc. Tapped by T.H.E Artist Agency (@theartistagency), Ellen shot model Tyra Jackson (@tyrafaithh), capturing several different looks. Makeup was provided by Caroline Rosenberg (@rougenberg).

Here’s what Ellen has to say about our production studio: “The space is fantastic, there’s so much room to work with and the cyc is huge!  What really stands out is all the support you have – the makeup and green rooms, the kitchen, and all the props, like the different chairs and stools you have to play with.  For me, what makes this studio full-service is everything else you offer, all the lighting and grip equipment, the stands, apple boxes, sandbags, everything I need … I love shooting at Rock Creek!”  

We invite other photographers to discover our flexible daylight studio, too.  The infinity cyc wall is 24’ and 16’ deep and we have an assortment of backgrounds and seamless colors available. In addition, we have plenty of space to construct a variety of sets – check out our website at to see more or give us a call to schedule a visit.

Ellen Huber photographs Model Tyra Jackson in Rock Creek Production's Herndon, VA, Studio
Ellen Huber pairs her Nikon D3 with a wide-angle lens, triggers her strobe and…
Ellen Huber Photography Rock Creek Productions/Studios full body cycling
The results are stunning.
Ellen Huber Photography Rock Creek Productions Herndon VA Photography Studio
Ellen at work in Rock Creek’s spacious Herndon, VA production studio.
Ellen Huber Photography Caroline Rougenberg Make-up Tyra Jackson model Rock Creek Productions/Studio
Ellen Huber and make-up artist Caroline Rosenberg discuss a look as Tyra Jackson strikes a pose.
Ellen Huber Photography Trya Jackson model Rock Creek Productions./Studios
Ellen Huber employs her portrait dish…
Ellen Huber Photography, Tyra Jackson model, Caroline Rougenberg make-up, Rock Creek Productions/Studios
… to capture a detailed portrait of model Tyra Jackson

Give us a call at 703.481.6590 or drop us a line at to schedule a visit or to book some time.


Institute of Education Sciences Studio Shoot

Rock Creek, under contract to General Dynamics Information Technology, recently wrapped on a four-day shoot for the Institute of Education Sciences, an organization that evaluates, reviews, and scores grant applications for researchers studying issues related to education for the National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research.  As part of this production effort, we spent one-day on location at GDIT where we approximated IES office spaces.

We also shot for three days in Rock Creek’s Hendon, VA production studio, where we created…

Scientific Grant Applicant

a home office, where a scientific researcher (played by Mike Pu) applied for a grant and followed his application through the process…,

an academic office where a scientific peer reviewer (played by Andrea Ventura) assessed and critiqued a proposal, and…

a large peer review panel meeting space…

IES Review Panel

where a panel of a dozen (real) peer reviewers discussed and scored the grant application. 

By all accounts, a successful, multi-camera shoot that once again highlights the versatility of our flexible production space.