Why Animation Can Be a Pivotal Video Tool for Startups

When you’re trying to bring something new to the world, every interaction and piece of content that comes from your brand can tip the scales of customer engagement. Whether you’re preparing for a launch, or are ramping up in the growth phase, video marketing is an indispensable strategy. 

And we believe that animation could be a game-changing part of it.

Whether it’s through the whimsical journey of a character or the sleek movement of dynamic motion graphics, animation holds the key to unlocking new dimensions of brand identity and message conveyance. If you’re a startup looking to carve out your niche in a crowded marketplace, here’s why we think animations would work great for you.

6 Benefits of Using Video Animation

Animated videos, like most videos, are versatile and appeal to a large audience. But they do have advantages over live-action formats that make them an enticing consideration for your next pitch, ad, or explainer. Take a look at our animation showreel. It demonstrates the vast possibilities of animation in brand storytelling.

Rock Creek Productions Animation Reel (youtube.com)

1. Cost-effective and flexible

Animated videos can be much cheaper than live-action videos, (depending on the complexity and quality of the production) because there are so many different varieties. There are simple but beautiful animation styles you can execute at a more affordable rate, while more intricate, labor-intensive techniques will be more costly. However, by and large, animation can be more cost-effective in the long run because it is easier to update and revise. A good video production company can work out your budget with you.

2. Simplifies complex concepts

Tech startups frequently need to explain intricate technologies or concepts to their stakeholders. Animation excels at breaking down and illustrating these concepts in a memorable way that is easy to understand for the audience. 

3. Customizable and brand-centric

Animation lends itself well to customization, from color schemes, fonts and characters, ensuring every aspect reflects the brand’s personality and values. This allows startups to keep their visual identity consistent, reinforcing brand recognition through the seamless integration of logos and brand-specific visuals.

4. High retention and conversion rates

Cartoons and animated content have a strong psychological impact due to their association with childhood, which can help increase sales and conversion rates, making them powerful tools for landing pages and marketing campaigns.

5. Versatility in storytelling

Animation offers limitless possibilities in storytelling. You can showcase global concepts, historical timelines, futuristic technology, and more without the constraints of live-action footage. With animation, you can achieve exploded views of products, infographics, diversity (imaginary creatures), labels, and on-screen text. All these add dynamism to your storytelling. With animated videos, you can create your own world. Live-action simply cannot match up.

6. Unique approach

Animations are novel, vastly more memorable than dry PowerPoint presentations, and are an adaptable tool for any presentation context. From investor meetings to social media ads and product demos, animation effortlessly fits various purposes. The choice to use animations also speaks a lot about a company’s creativity and forward-thinking approach. 

8 Different Types of Animation

Animation comes in a palette of unique styles, each with its own methods and applications. Each type of animation has its own feel and suits different kinds of storytelling and visual representation. Here are some of the most common types of animation your startup can use:

1. 2D vector-based animation

This involves the movement of objects and characters in a two-dimensional space. It can be created using vector graphics, which are scalable without losing quality.

Here’s an example we made for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory to explain the process of ocean acidification:

NOAA PMEL – Ocean Carbon Exchange – Rock Creek Productions (rock-creek.com)

2. 3D animation

3D animation is the most popular, for its ability to create a highly dynamic environment. It’s widely used in movies, video games, and simulations to craft realistic settings and characters.

3. Stop motion animation

In this technique, physical objects are moved in small increments and photographed one frame at a time. Played in sequence, these images create the illusion of movement. The claymation Wallace & Gromit is an example of stop motion.

Wallace and Gromit (for representational purposes only) Source: smh.com.au

4. Motion graphics

This type of animation focuses on animating graphic design elements, often involving text and simple imagery. It’s commonly used in commercials, explainer videos, and educational content.

Here’s one of a series of six animated educational videos we created for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

EPA Video for Water & Wastewater | Rock Creek Productions (rock-creek.com)

5. Kinetic typography:

Kinetic typography animated text. It’s often used in conjunction with other types of animation or live-action video. You’ll see it frequently in commercials. 

6. Rotoscope animation

Rotoscoping involves manipulating live-action footage or still photography to create realistic or stylized animations. It’s a technique that can bring a lifelike quality to animated characters and scenes.

7.  Mechanical animation

This involves animating mechanical objects, often used in explainer videos to demonstrate how machinery or technological devices work. Moving illustrations can show the inner mechanics of a product, label parts, and use arrows and text for further explanation.

8. Character animation

Character animation features one or several characters that help tell a story by either speaking themselves or acting in a narrated piece. Each (usually fictional) character is imbued with a sense of life and personality, making them compelling and believable to the audience. By focusing on the subtleties of motion and expression, animators can evoke empathy and emotional responses from viewers, enhancing storytelling and engagement.

This video we made for the Virginia Infection Prevention Training Center beautifully demonstrates how germs can spread from sinks in healthcare facilities. The main character Tom, is a character that threads the message together.

VIPTC – Staying Safe in the Splash Zone | Rock Creek Productions (rock-creek.com)

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