RCP Studio as Special Effects Archery Range

Dave Brown and Frank Hamilton of Weber Shandwick converted our studio into an archery range in order to capture high-speed images of arrows piercing and shattering a variety of objects for their client, the Archery Trade Association.  From electric lightbulbs to water balloons, from eggs to vases filled with colored liquid and glass jars of heavy dairy cream, their strobe splattered images captured in incredible detail the kinetic energy of arrows caught in the act of delightful destruction.

Special Effects Archery Range
Special Effects guru Hank Atterbury discusses his highly accurate compressed-air shooter with Dave and Frank.
Special Effects
Hank gets ready to shoot a glass vase full of blue liquid with a crossbow.
high-speed freeze frames
Raw high-speed freeze frames are downloaded directly to Frank’s laptop. We can’t wait to see the final results!


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