Staying Up During the Shut Down

It might not be the right time to film an action scene with a hundred extras, but it’s still a great time to keep your messaging active, stay connected to customers, and plan for future productions.

Rock Creek Productions can help…

…by planning, researching, and virtually consulting with experts and stakeholders
…by developing content, creating storyboards, and writing scripts, and other preproduction planning
…by recording professional voice-over narration or even taking your self-
   recorded narration into postproduction
…by developing motion graphics, animations, or text treatments
…by manipulating archival still photos and applying stock footage
…by selecting music and mixing sound effects
…by creating captions and compressing final products for online and social
   media distribution.

We can create your video programming, almost like normal. 

We can produce effective, professional messaging for you.  

With the rest of the world shut down, imagine being able to stay up.

At Home Editing Workstations

We’re all safe at home, edit systems ready. Our communications and media portals are active. Rock Creek can keep your video content alive and fresh. We can help you stay visible and in front of your customers and your employees. 

We’re here to help.

Give us a call, send us an email.

Washington, DC  |  Herndon, VA
703.655.0158  |  [email protected]

Asheville, NC
703.867.7655  |  [email protected]

To find current CDC guidelines about how to protect yourself and your loved ones, please visit the CDC COVID-19 website.

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Covid-19 Safe Level A Certification We adhere to Covid-safe practices. All employee and freelance cast and crew have passed, or are required to pass prior to entry, the Safe Sets International Level A certification course.