Virginia Infection Prevention
Training Center
Va. Dept. of Health

Project Overview

The Virginia Infection Prevention Training Center chose Rock Creek Productions for video production services to create a series of 25 educational videos for healthcare professionals. The primary goal was to teach infection prevention tips and techniques, and the VIPTC wanted to enhance the learning experience, making it both fun and intuitive.

Just a few of the topics included hand hygiene, germ spreading, central line care, urine specimen collection procedures, sharps safety, and environmental hygiene.

The Client

Virginia Infection Prevention Training Center, Va Dept. of Health

Film Location

Richmond, VA

Services Provided

concept development, scriptwriting, casting, set building, props procurement, production services, post-production services.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge Rock Creek Productions faced was taking complex topics and making them simple and entertaining while keeping them 100% technically accurate. As anyone with medical training will tell you, doctors and hospitals, when depicted on TV or in movies, are often grossly inaccurate medically. With medical training videos, there is no room to use our “creative license” to play with the facts.

The Solution

Rock Creek used its creative video services to tackle this challenge with enthusiasm and dedication, pushing the boundaries of creativity while ensuring that the training material was precise and up to date.

Paintings that come to life, graphically enhanced cinematography, practical special effects, miniatures, high-speed photography, and motion graphics all came into play as Rock Creek painstakingly and precisely trained healthcare professionals across the Commonwealth on the intricacies of infection prevention. Shot primarily on location at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical Center in Richmond and in Rock Creek’s Herndon studio, these videos offer new approaches to critical healthcare information.

This video production project was a perfect chance for Rock Creek’s team to engage in what they love most – innovating and solving problems in new ways. If you’re curious about the results, check out some of the videos below. We believe even the most complex topics could be transformed into compelling learning experiences.

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