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Institute of Education Sciences Studio Shoot

Rock Creek, under contract to General Dynamics Information Technology, recently wrapped on a four-day shoot for the Institute of Education Sciences, an organization that evaluates, reviews, and scores grant applications for researchers studying issues related to education for the National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research.  As part of this production effort, we spent one-day on location at GDIT where we approximated IES office spaces.

We also shot for three days in Rock Creek’s Hendon, VA production studio, where we created…

Scientific Grant Applicant

a home office, where a scientific researcher (played by Mike Pu) applied for a grant and followed his application through the process…,

an academic office where a scientific peer reviewer (played by Andrea Ventura) assessed and critiqued a proposal, and…

a large peer review panel meeting space…

IES Review Panel

where a panel of a dozen (real) peer reviewers discussed and scored the grant application. 

By all accounts, a successful, multi-camera shoot that once again highlights the versatility of our flexible production space. 

Herndon, VA

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Herndon, VA 20170

610 Herndon Pkwy Suite 700, Herndon, VA 20170

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