Creating a Powerful & Effective Video for Your Virtual Event

Nobody was keen on the idea of virtual events until the pandemic forced them on us. Once they went mainstream, all their many benefits rose to the spotlight: events had become more accessible, cheaper to conduct, and could go beyond borders. Many marketers also reported that they experienced wider reach from their virtual or hybrid events.

Now, many large conferences and other events rarely go without a virtual component or live streaming event.

But with people participating behind computer screens, building up the atmosphere and showcasing the event’s energy is hard. Text, static images, and posters can’t do it, but we have video.

In this blog post, we’ll cover three types of video content you can create for your event and ways to make them stand out.

1. Build Anticipation with an Event Promo Video Teaser

A well-crafted teaser video is like a movie trailer – it gives your audience a taste of what’s to come, builds excitement and curiosity, and, more importantly, drives sign-ups!

In terms of promotion, brand-building, and marketing value, much rests upon your teaser and other event promo videos. These are commonly distributed on websites, press releases, and social media channels, so make sure they fulfill the following:

  • Short and sweet: The ideal length for a teaser is 15-30 seconds. This is just enough time to capture attention and deliver a concise message without overwhelming viewers.
  • Visually captivating: Use high-quality visuals, engaging graphics, and dynamic editing to create a visually appealing and memorable experience. Animations and motion graphics are fantastic for this purpose. Fast cuts and lively music tend to sustain attention, but considering that 92% of individuals watch videos on mute, the visuals must do most of the talking. Animations and motion graphics are included in our video creative services at Rock Creek Productions. Have a look here:
  • Highlight the benefits: Being accessible isn’t enough. A virtual event must also hold promise, especially if your event spans entire days. Clearly communicate the value attendees will gain from your event. What unique insights, connections, or experiences will they take away? Who is in the speaker lineup? If possible, incorporate testimonials or brief quotes from past attendees to add credibility.
  • Clear Call to Action: Without a clear call to action, all promotional content tends to fall flat. Tell viewers exactly what to do next. Include a prominent trigger: this could be a registration link, a website URL, or a simple instruction like “Save the date!”

2. Break the Monotony With Pre-recorded Content

Sometimes, having the event move at the same pace throughout its duration can create monotony. To change things up, it’s always good to intersperse the event with pre-recorded videos. This minimizes technical roadblocks and also reduces the fatigue of the presenters and speakers who have to be “always on.”

Good candidates for pre-recorded content are events that aren’t dependent on a live experience.

  • Showcase your work: Showcase your brand’s products or services in action. If you are an NGO, consider airing a nonprofit video so your cause remains on your mind. 

  • Speaker features: Consider making polished intro videos for your speakers. When they are filmed on a panel, it can be tough to get a sense of their personality. Introductory interviews and videos can provide an up-close glimpse of your speakers and be more engaging than drily going through their bios. Another bonus is that pre-recorded material allows you to accommodate and feature speakers who may be in different time zones or locations without needing them to be up at odd hours of the night to be present for your event.

  • Spotlight important issues: A short, snappy documentary can quickly introduce your audience to a topic or issue, raising awareness and setting the context before panel discussions on important topics.

  • Recognize sponsors: Create “commercial breaks” to promote your sponsors and advertisers.

3.  Keep Up the Buzz with Post-event Videos

There are many different types of videos that you can repurpose from event footage. Some are:

Once your event is done, don’t dust it just yet. Reuse the ample footage you have gained and make post-event videos. These offer a golden opportunity to extend your reach, engage your audience, and maximize the return on your investment.

  • Highlight reels: A highlight reel is a short, dynamic video showcasing the best moments, key takeaways, and audience reactions from the event. Here’s an example of a post-conference recap we made for The Aspen Institute. This is one of our favorite DC video productions:
  • Behind-the-scenes footage: Offer a glimpse into the making of the event, showcasing the people and the remarkable efforts that made it a success.

  • Testimonial videos: Capture attendees sharing their positive experiences and the value they gained from the event.

3 Tips for Effective Post-Event Videos

  1. Act quickly: The sooner you release post-event videos, the more likely you are to capitalize on the momentum and excitement generated by the event. If it’s a multi-day event, release a recap at the end of every day. You’ll need professional video production services to execute this well and in a timely manner.
  2. Keep it engaging: Just as with the teaser, use dynamic editing, music, and graphics to create a short, social media-friendly video that holds viewers’ attention.
  3. Capitalize on the content: Don’t offer everything for free. While promotional videos and panel discussions could be made freely available, consider offering workshop recordings and other limited edition content for download in exchange for a nominal price, or an email address.

Hire a World-Class Video Production Company

Remember that no matter what kind of video you are creating, it will compete for attention in social networks saturated with addictive video content. If you’re looking to communicate credence and desirability as a brand, strong technical fundamentals and professional quality are table stakes. At Rock Creek Productions, we’ve been doing government, non-profit, and business video production in Washington, DC for decades. Contact us to make your next virtual event a promotional success!

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