A Brand New Look!

We talked about it for a long time, threw around ideas, made small changes here and there, but late last year, after a company retreat in Asheville, (and after unintentionally heading backwards down a waterfall on a “bonding” whitewater rafting trip) something clicked (or our brains were jarred into it) and we decided that it was time for a change. Let’s do this. Let’s re-brand Rock Creek.

What began was a journey of self-discovery. Who is Rock Creek? What sets us apart? And what are the core strengths that we bring to our client’s projects?

We focused in on two complimentary attributes: We are filmmakers first and we bring a sense of fun and enjoyment to the process of production.  “Filmmakers First” has been our unofficial motto for some time and it rings true to who we are as a company and as individuals, and it illustrates our commitment to push for the highest quality on every project.  And a sense of fun you ask?  Well it’s really a contagious passion and enthusiasm that infects our cast, crew and clients.

Rock Creek Logo

These attributes express who we are and we wanted to combine both of these sides of Rock Creek’s personality, the playful energy and the creative professional, and showcase it in a simple, effective way that demonstrates our vision and values.

We think you’ll see the true passion we have for cinematic storytelling come alive through our new website and the projects we feature. So take some time and check it out.

Let us know what you think by sending us a message on FB, Twitter or email. And please, share it with your friends and colleagues and most importantly let us know how Rock Creek can help you tell your story.

All the best from the Rock Creek Team,

— Steve, Tim, Rachell, Craig, Aimie and Jake

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Covid-19 Safe Level A Certification We adhere to Covid-safe practices. All employee and freelance cast and crew have passed, or are required to pass prior to entry, the Safe Sets International Level A certification course.