Non-Profit Video Production in Washington DC

Non-Profit Video Production In Washington DC

Videos play a critical role in non-profit operations and marketing. They help train volunteers and employees, enhance job ads, and support other internal operations. Videos also spread the word about a nonprofit’s mission, promote special fundraisers, build awareness of projects, and so much more.

The Rock Creek Productions team has the creativity and experience to ensure your non-profit videos are compelling, engaging, and support your mission. We have been producing videos for non-profits and other entities for over 25 years. During that time, we have worked with United WayHabitat for Humanity, the Legal Aid Justice Center’s Fund Our Schools campaign, and more. We create a vast range of videos and can work with your organization from concept to postproduction

Why You Need Non-Profit Video Production

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The success of a non-profit’s efforts can hinge on the quality of its videos. Here are some of the top benefits of professional video production for nonprofits.


Nonprofits need volunteers and donors to believe in their cause. Emotional, passionate content can inspire, motivate and encourage others to join, be a call to action, and more. High-quality videos tell a story. They engage viewers and make them more likely to get involved with their time or money.


The more people who know about a non-profit, the better. Videos help expand the organization’s reach, and they provide supporters with something to share about the organization.


Everyone has DIY video-making equipment in their pockets, but phones cannot remotely match the quality of professional video equipment. Working with a team of production experts ensures a high-quality result.


Organizations trying to raise money or educate the public about their mission need videos that reflect the seriousness of their cause. Poor-quality videos can harm the image of an organization. Professional video services make the difference between a video that falls flat and one that hits its mark.

Customizable Non-Profit Video Production Services In D.C.

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Nonprofits can use videos in many different parts of their missions. Rock Creek Productions has more than 25 years of experience creating the following types of videos for nonprofits:


Mission videos explain what a non-profit does and their reason for existence. They tell a story about the nonprofit’s role in the community and get people interested in helping.


Meet-the-team videos introduce directors, employees, board members, or key volunteers and demonstrate their individual commitments to the cause. They help non-profits share their values.


These videos highlight the work of the non-profit. They show what happens when the team rolls up their sleeves and dives into their mission.


These videos can feature people that the organization has helped or community leaders who can testify about its impact in their areas. They highlight the organization’s success and the importance of its existence. They can also include — or are related to — case studies, such as a species that was saved, an individual’s success story, or promote other opportunities to personalize what a non-profit does.


Videos soliciting donations are ideal for social media and email marketing. They can be easily shared, and they explain why people should select an organization for their donation. 

The Rock Creek team is standing by to support your non-profits video needs. Our team of production experts knows what it takes to create high-quality video that supports your goals and captures your vision. Contact us to talk through all available options.

Your Trusted Partner For Non-Profit Video Production

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Rock Creek Productions has extensive experience creating videos for non-profit organizations in the D.C. area. While we have brick-and-mortar locations near D.C. and in Asheville, NC, we can help regardless of where your non-profit is located. Our services include the following:


  • Ideation, creative development, and scriptwriting
  • Providing studio space, actors, still photographers, and other production needs
  • Traveling for remote shoots
  • Postproduction services including motion graphics, music, sound effects, and captions
  • Video production project management


Our company can help with part of the process or be a partner through every step of the journey. Please contact us to find out how we can best support you.

Don’t let your message get lost or your mission get damaged with sub-par videos. Produce high-quality, engaging videos that foster your success. Contact Rock Creek today. We are committed to delivering high-quality videos to our clients, and our award-winning production team can ensure your project is efficient and effective.

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