George Mason University

Project Overview

George Mason University approached Rock Creek with a formidable task: to craft a 30-second TV spot to air during college basketball broadcasts within a 3-week timeframe.

But Rock Creek was up for the challenge.

The objective was clear: create an edgy, fresh, and memorable commercial that would resonate with fans and elevate the university’s brand. Within days, Rock Creek came up with multiple refined concepts. As soon as the client chose one, the team jumped into the video pre-production process and development process, assembling the cast and professional video crew and turning the envisioned project into reality. The client’s choice of Rock Creek was rooted in trust, knowing we could reliably navigate challenges and quickly adapt to meet their needs. Witness the result now on ESPN!


George Mason University

Film Location

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Services Provided

Concept development, scriptwriting, casting, commercial video pre-production, filming, equipment sourcing, postproduction, color grading, sound mixing, and captioning.

The Challenge

To say that the timeline was tight would be an understatement. Typically, in the production team’s experience, creating a compelling video of this kind is a process that can span 4-6 months. And then there were the budget restrictions.

Creating an engaging and interesting concept within these constraints was crucial to the success of the commercial.

The Solution

Constraints are par for the course in the world of higher education video production. Having decades of experience, the crew is familiar with working within budget and time limitations. Rock Creek was able to think creatively, prioritize client’s needs, and organize their video pre-production process in a very efficient and streamlined way. Drawing on its extensive experience, network, and resources, the Rock Creek team delivered the professionally-produced video right on time without compromising on quality.

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