Alyssa Trammel

Motion Graphics Designer

Alyssa Trammel is a graphic artist and motion designer with branding and exhibit/event design experience. She enjoys learning about anything and everything and loves the variety of topics she’s gotten to dive into through design projects. An extroverted extrovert, Alyssa’s favorite part of the creative process is brainstorming with clients and her team, seeing people light up as collaboration sparks the unique ideas that give a project that secret sauce. Off of the computer, Alyssa enjoys thrifting, crafting, spending time outside when it’s nice or at a museum when it’s not, and hanging out with her husband, two ridiculous cats, and too many houseplants. 

favorite food: macaroni and cheese
favorite game: scattergories
favorite activity: concerts & comedy shows

"Make it work."

-Tim Gunn
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