Passing through History

In this project, shot in our Herndon, VA, video production studio over a white limbo backdrop, make-up artist Michele Mundell performed her magic on actor Mark August, who started the day with a head of wild hair and a full beard and, after passing through the middle ages, the industrial revolution, and World War II, ended up looking quite presentable in the modern day.

makeup artist

This project was also for CTEC Corp. and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and discussed the evolution of Quality Assurance in manufacturing and what it means to be a Quality Assurance Specialist. We shot over the course of three days in our studio on our Panasonic HPX-3700 Varicam. Mark performed well with a heavy load of teleprompted copy. Early client reviews included, “absolutely awesome” and “those videos captivate and make you want to listen to what is being said” and “great job!”

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