Decisive Analytics - SBIR Promotional Video

The Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program through their TechLink contract with Montana State University contracted with Rock Creek to design, script and produce a series of videos highlighting small business success stories.

These promotional videos describe how the SBIR program helps companies by providing research funding to develop innovative products for use by the military. The companies are then often able to transition that technology to a successful commercial venture or product.

This project included five videos for companies in various sectors of the economy including tool manufacturing, data analytics and research, medicine and the space industry. In addition to creating the videos themselves, Rock Creek created and applied the graphical branding across all programs.

This video describes how the Air Force SBIR program helped Decisive Analytics Corporation by providing research funding to develop the concept of applying analytical data processing to huge amounts of digital media in order to output trends, patterns, and probabilities in order to better support human analysts’ decision-making abilities.

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