Maintaining Messaging Amid Social Distancing

Rohit Bhargava presenting Mega Trends content for Forbes online magazine.

You enter our large studio. No handshakes, fist bumps, or elbow nudges required. The place seems empty but it is, in fact, a fully functioning production studio. Everything is ready to go. If you want, you can hang your wardrobe in our make-up/dressing room. In isolation, check your hair or make-up. You’re an adult, go ahead, help yourself to coffee, water, or a snack. In the studio, you stand on your mark and address the camera. With the use of a boom mic, we don’t even need to place a microphone on you, and with our long lenses, we don’t need to come within 12 feet of your person. You may speak from the heart or read precise messaging off of our teleprompter. Finished, you leave. Limited social contact with our crew of one, two, or maybe three individuals. Social distancing maintained throughout, yet you walk away with a professional digital product.

For Rohit Bhargava, author of a decade of the Non-Obvious Trends books, we did just that.  We shot a 20-minute presentation destined for Forbes Magazine and seven individual book trailers for his Non-Obvious Guides series. Over the course of about three hours in studio, we gave Rohit several different looks and quickly turned around his products.

One of the looks showcasing a daylight option in our Herndon, VA production studio.
Another look we created for Rohit using existing set pieces and props.
And yet another look using our flexible and extensive space.

Let us help maintain your messaging during this crazy, unusual time. Self-isolate in our studio in front of the camera. Or, actually self-isolate and let us help you present your messaging through motion graphic animations, still photos, stock footage, and text. Our editors have all moved their editing systems into home offices, so work can continue.  Just because the world is shutting down doesn’t mean your messaging needs to stop.  We’re here to help.  

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