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One Word

When your client responds with a single word after seeing your product …


… then you must be doing something right.                                               (Shown actual size.)

We’re in Alaska!

We are currently on location in beautiful Homer, Alaska – working on a project for Veteran Affairs.

These two views overlook Cook Inlet and the surrounding volcanic mountains and glaciers.

Veteran Affairs, Alaska

In the News

TSA, filming

Behind the scenes on the TSA Active Shooter training video

We are spending this week filming a TSA Active Shooter training video at the Indianapolis Airport – it has been making the news!

Below are some links to see some of the coverage and behind the scenes footage.



Flexible Studio Space

Rock Creek just wrapped another studio shoot in which we created a mock news report for a National Defense University security exercise.  Here you can see a couple of images of our film production studio — the first showing the space and crew during a rehearsal and the second a screen-shot from the program itself.  Our main studio floor is large, but it offers options that can extend the space even further, as you see here.

Here’s a shot of Carlyncia Peck in front of the camera (with Steve Ray in the background) during a rehearsal; the crew is Jake Mosholder, Steve Agnew, Jonathan Cohen, Donny Aros, and Barbara York (l -r).

And here’s a resulting screen shot with Carlyncia Peck ( and Steve Ray, Rebecca Hyde, and Albert Keys in the background).

CERT Training Impact

In 2009 Rock Creek produced several training programs for the Community Emergency Response Teams, or CERT.  It’s always gratifying to learn, even after all these years, that products we’ve produced still have impact.
Here’s the story:
An actor friend of ours, Ken Elston, is running for Manassas City Council (, and we’ve offered to shoot some video for him to help with his election.  Well, he participated in the CERT program back in 2009.  Here’s a recent note from Ken:
“…remember the CERT emergency response video we did some years ago? Yesterday was National Night Out, and the town was full of emergency and safety personnel. The CERT tent went crazy when I came up, because they had just watched the training video again as a team. And some of them vote in the city!

UNC-TV Picks up Peace Through Education: Stealing the Light

Rock Creek Productions’ independent documentary film Peace Through Education: Stealing the Light was recently picked up by North Carolina’s Center for Public Television this week.

A timely story about the challenges of illiteracy and building educational infrastructure in one of the most conflict-torn areas in Afghanistan, this film demonstrates the power of education in creating civil society. We will be sure to post an update once we know the broadcast schedule.

Documentary Filmmaking

Rock Creek’s Studio Capabilities

In response to several requests for information on our new video production studio, we’ve put together a comp sheet of several of the different “looks” we’ve created. With our main space at 45’x30’ with 16′ ceilings, we can do much more, but we’ve only been operating for a fairly short time, and so almost everything is still out there in front of us. But we can build set walls and props or make use of existing office-type spaces, shoot in front of seamless or green screen backgrounds. The possibilities are fairly endless, so why don’t you try us out, see what we can do for you and your clients?

rock creek studio

NDU Studio Shoot

We just wrapped on two shoots for National Defense University (NDU) security exercises. In support of each exercise, Rock Creek created a couple of mock news and briefing videos combining green screen chromakey sets and live sets where reporters and experts described elements of the ’emergencies.’ For each exercise, we created a national news-style anchor desk (green screen), and three live sets, all in a single day in our spacious studio. Combined we heard from anchors from two national news organizations, field reporters in representations of NATO Headquarters in Brussels and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, we interviewed experts at a think-tank and in an engineering office, and we received intelligence briefings from military and civilian spokesmen.

Studio shoot

Talent: Alex Suarez

Our large main space (45’x30′) enables us to set and shoot in several areas and directions, which makes changing over from set to set easy and efficient. Here’s a simple National Security Council briefing set. Apple boxes and fishing line included.

Another RCP Studio Shoot

For another shoot for CTEC Corp. and the Defense Acquisition University, we used existing elements within our studio to create an office set with depth beyond the walls. This program provided advanced instruction on quality assurance graphical charts and featured a whiteboard that we later populated in post with text and graphics. Employing a doorway dolly on tracks we added visual interest to the scenes through motion.

Rock Creek Studios

This shot has Jake Mosholder and actor Alex Suarez behind and in front of the camera, respectively. Seems like Jake was abandoned by the rest of the crew.


Passing through History

In this project, shot in our Herndon, VA, video production studio over a white limbo backdrop, make-up artist Michele Mundell performed her magic on actor Mark August, who started the day with a head of wild hair and a full beard and, after passing through the middle ages, the industrial revolution, and World War II, ended up looking quite presentable in the modern day.

makeup artist

This project was also for CTEC Corp. and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and discussed the evolution of Quality Assurance in manufacturing and what it means to be a Quality Assurance Specialist. We shot over the course of three days in our studio on our Panasonic HPX-3700 Varicam. Mark performed well with a heavy load of teleprompted copy. Early client reviews included, “absolutely awesome” and “those videos captivate and make you want to listen to what is being said” and “great job!”