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Camera Department


F5_Right-Side-rigged.jpgSony F5:

A digital cinematic camera that is capable of shooting in HD, 2K and 4K. This camera boasts 14 stops of exposure latitude resulting in amazing detail in both highlights and shadows. It can also shoot at a high speed of up to 240 fps.


Camera-3700-Varicam-314x178.jpgPanasonic3700 Varicam:

This camera is recognized as one of the premier digital cinematography cameras - shooting in full HD, and offering the solid-state reliability while recording onto P2 media.



D800-Rahcell-DrMunt-314x178.jpgNikon D800:

This is DLSR workhorse, it's a great camera for shooting in small spaces and in low light situations.



SAPR_Jib_Motor_pool.jpgWe also employ a wide range of camera support devices including: Steadicam, Jib, Dana Dolly, Fisher Dolly and Wireless Follow Focus and Video feed.



Production stills