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Tim Philips, Stedicam, Sony AF700


High-definition, 4K-resolution, super slow motion, time lapse, extreme close-ups, Steadicam, jib, dolly, aerial, underwater, vehicle mounts, green screen, motion control – whatever the particular need, we’ll apply the appropriate tool to capture the most amazing shot. 

We employ high-definition solutions to acquiring and editing program materials.  Our in-house capabilities in both our Washington, DC and Asheville, NC facilities enable the fielding of multiple crews simultaneously.  

Our in-house digital cinema capabilities include Sony's F5 4K camera and Panasonic’s HPX-3700 high-definition P2 Varicam cameras supported by a variety of other video cameras.  This video capability is supported by a Steadicam, a full-sized, motorized EZFX jib, a Dana Dolly, and vehicle mount camera platforms, a variety of HD monitors, audio recording, lighting, grip, and electric capabilities.

And for still photography, we offer a family of Nikon DSLRs, including Nikon’s D800 full-frame DSLR offering full 1080p video, all supported by prime, zoom, and specialty lenses and strobes. 

Postproduction capabilities include four Avid Media Composer/Symphony edit rooms, each supported by Adobe’s Creative Suite, DaVinci color correction, and audio sweeting.

Camera Department

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