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Mike Chirieleison

Mike Chirieleison is a producer and videographer with nearly ten years of experience working in photography and video production in various functions. A graduate of Towson University’s Electronic Media and Film program, he first began working for Rock Creek Productions in the Spring of 2012 before coming aboard full time in 2016. With experiences ranging from recording audio for America’s Most Wanted, working postseason baseball for Fox Sports, or producing a student film on a refugee family from Bhutan resettling in Baltimore, Mike is always looking for interesting subjects to capture on camera.


When not working, Mike enjoys wildlife photography, playing guitar, and caring for his fast-growing collection of bonsai and 75-gallon fish tank. His next extracurricular project will be to complete work building and designing a 55-gallon frog tank!

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Favorite Edible

Christmas Eve spaghetti and meatballs

Favorite Drinkable

Ales and stouts

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Godfather: Part II

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Let's bring your vision to life!  –  Mike

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