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“Filmmakers first.”  This is our mantra. Each of us drawn from different directions to this creative endeavor to tell engaging, visual stories – and that’s what we strive to do on every production, regardless of approach, purpose, or budget.

Let us take your ideas and make them into something so much more! 

Steve Agnew, Sony F5 Camera

Steve Agnew

Filmmaker, Founder of Rock Creek

Steve Agnew is a director, cinematographer and editor. Founder of Rock Creek...

Tim Phillips, Stedicam, Sony AF700

Tim Phillips

Writer, Producer, Co-owner

Tim has been at this business a long time and he's still learning....

Craig Hirshberg

Senior Editor

Craig Hirshberg, our Senior Editor, is instrumental in the design and art direction..

Aimie Burns


Aimie Burns has a background in photography and video production and understands the

Mike Chirieleison


Mike Chirieleison is a producer and videographer with nearly ten years experience.

Alexis Antonucci

Assitant Editor and Motion Graphics

Alexis is a recent graduate from UNA Asheville and is our assistant editor.