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What We Do

Script.  Shoot.  Edit.  Deliver.

We can take your project idea into creative development, through preproduction and scripting, into production and postproduction, then finish it and hand it to you in a neat, organized package.  Or we can enter the process at any stage and help you perfect and execute an already existing idea or script, or even re-edit an existing video.  There’s no single approach to a project, each video is unique and tailored to you and your intended audience.

Creative Development

Our creative process begins with listening and observing. Considering our clients perspective and looking beyond to what drives their brand, their mission, and their project goals. We carefully examine expectations, assess audience needs, and deliberate...


The planning phase of any project is a time of critical decision making, a time where abstract concepts begin to coalesce into real things. Story concepts become scripts, characters become actors, tasks become scheduled dates, logistics are...


Production is where weeks, even months of effort often culminate in just a few, intense days.


Each of our four edit suites are similarly outfitted with high-end, broadcast quality postproduction Avid Media Composer/Symphony editing systems offering sophisticated calibrated color correction, audio sweetening, and digital compression tools.


Approval of the Final Program Master means that we’re done! Almost! A few final but important tasks remain before the job is complete.

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