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Law Enforcement Training

About the project

Rock Creek has a wealth of experience working with law enforcement entities to create compelling and informative educational programs.  Our prior law enforcement training experience includes:


CRCL Secure Communities Program

In support of the DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberites and ICE Secure Communities, Rock Creek produced a series of nine programs designed as law enforcement briefings on a variety of subjects surrounding the implementation of the Secure Communities program at the state and local level.  Subjects include:  Overview of Secure Communities, Immigration Detainers, Consular Notification, Certain Victims, Avoiding Profiling, Working with Non-English Speakers, Unlawful Retaliation, and Explaining Secure Communities. Examples of these programs can be found at www.rock-creek.com/crcl.


FEMA “See Something Say Something”

This program was produced for FEMA and intended to be used at community gatherings to teach citizens to be aware of their surroundings and to encourage them report suspicious activity.  A program sample can be found at: http://rock-creek.com/our-work/government/see-something-say-something/


One Mission: CBP

This program features interviews with top CBP commanders on the importance of combined operations across the CBP workforce. A sample of the program can be found at http://rock-creek.com/our-work/government/one-mission-cbp/.


CBP Border Patrol Academy Spanish Language Training

Produced over 200 minutes of scenario-based videos to teach Border Patrol Recruits Task-based Spanish enabling them to communicate with undocumented immigrants they might encounter, as well as other commands they may need to deliver as Law Enforcement Professionals.


CBP Border Patrol Post Academy Training

Produced over 100 short scenario-based videos covering a variety of topics including: Immigration Law, High-Risk Vehicle Stops, Standard Vehicle Stops, Checkpoint Operations, Interviewing Techniques, Detention Operations and Physical Techniques.


CBP Border Patrol Academy Driving School

Produced over 2 hours of videos designed to show vehicle driving techniques and vehicle handling characteristics to Border Patrol Trainees. An example can be found at: http://rock-creek.com/our-work/government/cbp-driver-training/.

TSA Excellence in Screener Performance

Produced hundreds of short scenario-based videos for interactive web-based training programs to train Transportation Security Officers across a variety of job tasks and screening situations In addition, Rock Creek produced related training programs for New Hire employees.

FEMA  Principles of Emergency Management 

Training for local emergency managers in both the theory and practical aspects of planning for natural and man-made disasters and terrorist events.   Included interviews of a variety of experts woven into a real-world scenario that depicts how one “ideal” emergency manager approached the problems of planning for events that may never happen. 

Evil In Our Midst 

A 36-minute documentary program produced to communicate the government’s program to rid the United States of human rights abusers and war criminals. The intended audience was Congress, Law Enforcement Agencies, and the general public.  This program featured and introduction by Law Enforcement advocate John Walsh.

USAF Firefighter Training

For the past decade, Rock Creek has been producing interactive multimedia training and certification courses for the U.S. Air Force’s Firefighter Training program.  These highly technical videos cover procedural training in-depth over a variety of disciplines.  Courses include: HazMat Operations, Confined Spaces, Aircraft Familiarization, First Responder, Incident Commander, Fire Apparatus Operations, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Officer, Fire Inspector, Fire Instructor.

No Way Out: NCIC Deported Felon File 

A twelve minute program using dramatized scenarios to describe the practical implications and impact on local law enforcement of federal laws dealing immigration.

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