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The Rock Creek Family is growing!

Our Rock Creek Family is growing!


2014 was an exciting year for us here at Rock Creek Productions. We were fortunate to have two new additions!


Editor, Jacob Mosholder, welcomed his second child, daughter Zoya Joan Mosholder.





Birthday: September 16, 2014

Current Age: 4 months old

Favorite Activity: Laughing at everyone who makes eye contact.

New Skill: Standing on one foot (with support of her father)

Next Goal: Uneven bars … or maybe she’ll start with crawling first ... hard to say










Producer and Editor, Aimie Burns, welcomed her secondson – Alexander Louis Burns.

Alex_blog_02.jpg Alex_blog_01.jpg



Birthday: October 13, 2014

Current Age: 3 months

Favorite Activity: Watching his big brother, Christopher be silly

New Skill: Making spit bubbles and laughing out loud

Next Goal: Figuring out how to crawl and walk – must explore now