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Jake Mosholder

Jake Mosholder

Growing up, Jake Mosholder was either recording his friends blowing up plastic army men, or trying to rig a way to “safely” breathe underwater without destroying his parents’ camcorder.  Now he is doing much the same, but with far more expensive equipment… Rock Creek’s! The world of the moving image fascinates him, so he dives in wherever there is a need, be it editing, graphics, operating the camera, setting up lights or building props. Jake is currently striving to expand his editing and graphical abilities, but he is always open for opportunities to be turned loose underwater… with army plastic men.  In his spare time he enjoys his son, Kip’s, antics, his wife Anicisa, and making hard cider. 

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Anita's Breakfast Burritos

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1996 Jeep Cherokee

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Competitive Beard Growing

We are the magicians of the digital realm.  –  Jake

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